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Molly Yeh's 3-Ingredient Pretzel Shortbread Cookies


To ready ourselves for gift-giving (and cookie-eating) season, we've declared this week Cookie Week. We'll share recipes and tips about cookies of all kinds, be they spicy or chocolate-y, chewy or crunchy, round or square.

The Weirdest Cookie Cutters... Ever

Bon Appetit

by Alison Roman & Dan Piepenbring All cookie cutters are not created equally. Here's a good rule: If it takes you more than two seconds to figure out...

Butter Cookies With Dried Cranberries and Roasted Pecans

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Viviane Bauquet Farre

The inspiration for this recipe arose a few years ago, when my mother-in-law gave me a huge bag of freshly picked pecans. I was absolutely delighted of course, but wondered what I would end up making with all these pecans.

Holiday Snowball Cookies

Franco Lania

Snowball cookies are a holiday treat that are traditionally baked in my home and left for Santa Claus under the tree on Christmas Eve.

RANKED: The Best And Worst Christmas Cookies

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Spritz cookies might as well be obliterated from the face of the earth.

How to Make Rugelach

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Jennifer Segal

These miniature crescent-rolled pastries are delicious to eat and fun to make.

Healthy Cookies To Sweeten The Holiday Season (Sans Guilt)

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By Abigail Cuffey for It's no secret that the holidays are notorious for expanding your waistline. One of the biggest culprits: all o...

Cookies That Bake Themselves

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Laura Kumin

I'm not kidding; you can put these sweet morsels in the oven at midnight, turn it off and go to bed. You'll wake up in the morning to beautifully (and safely) baked cookies.

17 Irresistible Holiday Treats

Jennifer Segal

These holiday cookies have all been tested, perfected and reader-approved. Enjoy!

'Tis the Season

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Cheryl Carlesimo

Everyone has their favorite holiday cookie recipe that probably has been handed down in their family. These are Christmas Wreath Cookies and come from Pennsylvania.

5 Fantastic Mail-Order Cookies To Give As Gifts

No need to turn on the oven -- just click "send" and these handmade treats will be on their way.

Salted Caramel Mocha Shortbread

Stephanie Wise

This cookie is crumbly and dense, like a good shortbread should be. The mocha flavored shortbread gives enough depth with its pure chocolate and coffee notes to offset the richness of the salted caramel glaze on top.

Christmas Cookie Deathmatch

Gingerbread, sugar or shortbread, which Christmas cookie's best?

Five Cookies to Add to Your Holiday Bake List

Brandi Evans

I know everyone has their list of cookies and sweet treats each year -- snickerdoodles or peanut butter blossoms or chocolate crinkle cookies. But there's nothing that says you can't try a new recipe. Here are five of my favorite holiday cookies.

Stress-Free Cookie Decorating: Surgical Precision

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It makes for stress-free holiday baking.

Santa Slips Into Cookie-Induced Diabetic Coma... Thanks Kids

El Guapo

Christmas 2012 is still up in the air, but a North Pole spokesperson confessed that the upcoming apocalypse predicted by the Mayans had already put a damper on next year's plans.

From Snickerdoodles To Lemon Squares: 10 Irresistible Holiday Treats

Jennifer Segal

These crowd-pleasing holiday recipes have all been tested, perfected and reader approved. Enjoy!

Show Us Your Best Holiday Cookies!

When the holidays come around, everyone goes into overdrive, getting all the shopping done, making plans, and of course baking cookies. What would Chr...

12 Days Of Chocolate Christmas Cookies

Homemade cookies are always something to look forward to during the holidays. No one can refuse one when presented with a tray of cookies warm out of ...

Christmas Cookies 100 Calories Or Less


It's time for my annual holiday cookie swap. I had so much success with my 100-calorie cookie platter last year that I decided to try the challenge ag...

'Tis the Season to be Doubly Jolly!

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Jamie Schler

Warm, buttery cookies for both Hanukkah and Christmas and whether in the shape of Old Saint Nick and his fleet of reindeer or dreidls, menorahs and six-pointed stars, they are appreciated by the young and the not-so young alike.

Rose's Christmas Cookies Is the Bible for Holiday Bakers

Jesse Kornbluth

The 60 cookie recipes in the Christmas book are models of clarity -- and diversity. There's a full-color, full-page picture of every cookie. Rose's instructions are idiot-proof.

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